Outdoor Furniture Care Tips

Outdoor furniture was intentionally designed to resist exposure to weather as well as a part of which remains captivating to the eye. But it must be borne in mind, this furniture should still be treated. This is because the furniture was beginning to show age brittleness.
Rust, stains, and mildew usually be things that are disturbing. To overcome the attacks of the gadfly of this furniture, you must first recognize the furniture materials because different materials, different ways to treat them.

This furniture is made of woven rattan, roots, or paper that is coated and sometimes reinforced with metal. To remove dust and dirt that melekatinya, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush-shaped connection of dust or a dry paint brush.
The trick, clean the furniture with a gentle liquid soap. Scrub and rinse. However, to avoid the use of much water can weaken the strength of the fiber.
Furthermore, the furniture is dry. Special cane, you need to clean it periodically as rattan materials can not withstand abrasive treatment.

Except for aluminum, outdoor furniture made of metal can rust so need clear-coated lacquer, paint, or powder coating. To clean it, you can use a gentle liquid soap, brush, rinse, then drain.
To remove rust or mildew, scrub the area gently using a soft-sided sandpaper, wipe clean, then apply paint when necessary.
Humidity can affect the paint, so better do the painting when the weather is bright. After cleaning, apply a layer of wax with a rag or when recommended by the manufacturer of furniture that you buy. Do not forget, periodically check for rust, especially in hidden areas.

Most wood used for outdoor furniture is naturally resistant to damage. To clean stains or moss, 3.7 liters of hot water mixed with oxygen bleach powder according to the manufacturer's instructions. Rub the stained area with soft bristles brush and then rinse.
To remove rust stains, or restore the original color, rub the wood fiber direction using a fine sandpaper, smooth the surface. To protect your wood furniture from ultraviolet rays, dust, and moisture or retain the color, the way to coat the wood. Clean, and sandpaper, paint brush if necessary.
Apply a wood preservative containing substances antilumut transparent or semitransparent stain.

Resin or all-weather furniture is generally made of plastic, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polythylene (PE). To clean, use a soft brush, rinse, then dry.
For stubborn stains, use a liquid composed of 10 parts water and 1 part chlorine bleach. This solution can be applied if the instructions on the furniture to allow the bleach.
As a treatment, wipe the furniture with a damp cloth and gentle liquid on the furniture. Typically, residual sunscreen plastic colors to fade.



Investment Property

Investing in property almost certainly generate a profit, considering the price of properties in Indonesia continues to increase. This is one investment instrument that is in great demand today.

Can not be denied, indeed. In the worst situations, like when the monetary crisis in 1998, property prices in Indonesia moves stagnant, not decreasing. No wonder, if eventually a lot of people vying targeting ideal property, whether occupied or for investment.

Keen to see growth in the area around the reference view one of the high-low value of investments in one region. Cibubur, for example, which continues to grow, both in terms of facilities and infrastructure. Now being built several access roads to unravel congestion on roads Transyogi.

Completeness of facilities and high accessibility will increase the investment value of an area. Similarly, in Cibubur, which on average increased 12 percent per year, even (in some particular location) reached 30 percent per year, as said by Liana, Sales and Promotion Section Head City Tours.

Credibility developers also play a role. Nothing wrong view projects ever handled a previous developer and ask for a master plan for housing the center you seek.

Should realize, more full of amenities, the higher the perceived comfort of the occupants, the higher the increase in value of investments. This is also done since the first time the City Tour in Cibubur attend and be a pioneer in the area of ​​housing thematic concept.

Not just a dwelling that has a quality educational facilities, sports, and commercial sectors, the City Tour also known as a place of recreation for residents and surrounding Cibubur to Fantasy Island and Tourism Village.

Door of City Tours is still wide open for those who want to enjoy living in a place that combines harmony housing, education, recreation, and sport by launching the second phase of West Covina, Coatesville Extension, and the Concordia office. This latest project featuring a minimalist style that combined with the colonial and art deco design so it looks unique and chic.

Year 2012 is in sight, since now there's nothing wrong view of the right investment for your future. How?

Tips to Stay Safe and Beautiful Window ....

Climate Indonesia with high rainfall can damage the lining of the end of the window. Therefore, the windows need a protector in the form of additional structure to shelter or protect in order not affected by weather.

The window function room in the house to protect from sun exposure, dirty air, rainwater, and wind. However, from an aesthetic glasses, protective additional windows should also serve to beautify the overall look of the building.


This is an additional form of shade or roof that was created to prevent rain water tampias breaks into residential buildings. The length of this additional roof varies from 30 centimeters to 1 meter, depending on the dimensions of openings dinaunginya.

There are two kinds of eaves can be applied to the windows of your home. First, the eaves of the building blends with the roof structure. Eaves second, separate from the roof structure, which at first glance looks like a stick on the wall.

For his model, the shape can be varied eaves, sloping like a roof or made flat. It depends on your taste and adapted to the shape of the window.


This is the opening protective structures that are non-permanent and attached to the exterior walls of buildings. Materials often used are canvas, polyester, and other materials with water-resistant properties.

Protective option is widely used for residential concept is fun and casual. In terms of structure, awnings do not require additional structural elements that must be connected with the main roof structure. The principle works fairly practical, namely to create a connection from the wall to the frame awnings.

Typically, frame made of metal, such as hollow or aluminum. Connections in the form of bolts and screws were implanted into the wall.


Talk safety factor, a large potential window in creating a sense of security and comfort. One way to get it can be achieved by installing bars on the windows.

Trellis used are usually made of three materials, namely iron, steel and aluminum. Of the three, iron bars in greatest demand.

There are many ways to install a trellis, one of them by way of welding directly to the frame window. The model setup like this makes a very strong trellis attached. Trellis can also be fitted with a screwed in considerable numbers and are on all sides.

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Cities in the World winner "City Green Building Policy"

Six cities get recognition as a city with the best policies for the implementation of green building, and the reduction of carbon emissions from buildings with green concept. The six cities were established in the Climate Change Conference of the United Nations in Durban, South Africa, December 5, 2011.

The movement toward higher consciousness towards green building in the major cities of the world is to encourage the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC).

"The building can present a different potential in its function to reduce the greenhouse effect. To that end, government policy in managing buildings that are environmentally friendly policies have an important role to work on this potential," says Jane Henley, CEO of WorldGBC, some time ago.

Cities that win this award, continued Jane, has successfully implemented a priority on reduction of emissions, and benefit savings, as well as generate energy is much safer.

"Health and occupancy rates could be achieved enough so that it can help the growth of the economy. We are very proud to offer this innovative award to those cities," he said.

In this event, the judging done by experts selected from ICLEI-International, UN-HABITAT, and WorldGBC. Six of these award winners are:

- San Francisco, United States, especially for the San Francisco Green Building Ordinance managed to get the Best Green Building Policy. This award includes the construction of environmentally friendly policies for commercial buildings, residential, and building construction, in accordance with LEED green building standards (the standard "green" for the United States). Impact, 105,000 tons of carbon and a profit of 1 billion U.S. dollars for the estimation of 10 years can be achieved. The city also has a financing scheme to reach financial targets of individual projects.

- Mexico City, Mexico, won the Climate Action Leadership Award, to program its Climate Action Plan. This program succeeded in reducing emissions from commercial and residential buildings locally. Mexico City itself has agreed to reduce CO2 emissions by 7 million tonnes by 2012 this.

- Birmingham, England, to Birmingham City Council's Energy Savers Program, which get the Urban Retrofit Award. This program seeks to reach 1.5 billion pounds profit from green retrofit, for development work up to 200,000 buildings in Birmingham West Midlands. The development is planned for up to 15 years.

- Singapore, who are entitled to a Regional Leadership Award for its Green Building Masterplan. An ambitious plan that will "green" 80 percent of buildings in Singapore until 2030. This building will be projected at the standard Green Building Certification Mark, a standard of "green" for buildings in Singapore. The project is expected to generate savings of 780 million U.S. dollars annually.

- New York City, United States, who won the Transformation Industry Awards for Greener, Greater his Bussiness Plan. This is part of New York government policy that requires every public building must convey energy consumption each year. The program is expected to reduce carbon emissions in New York up 5.3 percent compared to the year 2009. The program also managed to save energy up to 700 million U.S. dollars per year through 2030 and includes 17 800 new construction jobs in the past 10 years.

- Tokyo, Japan, won Most Groundbreaking Policy Award, to Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program it. The first program in the world to regulate cap-and-trade program that greening the 1300 area of ​​commercial and public buildings. The program is expected to reduce 13 million tons of CO2 until 2019.