Investment Property

Investing in property almost certainly generate a profit, considering the price of properties in Indonesia continues to increase. This is one investment instrument that is in great demand today.

Can not be denied, indeed. In the worst situations, like when the monetary crisis in 1998, property prices in Indonesia moves stagnant, not decreasing. No wonder, if eventually a lot of people vying targeting ideal property, whether occupied or for investment.

Keen to see growth in the area around the reference view one of the high-low value of investments in one region. Cibubur, for example, which continues to grow, both in terms of facilities and infrastructure. Now being built several access roads to unravel congestion on roads Transyogi.

Completeness of facilities and high accessibility will increase the investment value of an area. Similarly, in Cibubur, which on average increased 12 percent per year, even (in some particular location) reached 30 percent per year, as said by Liana, Sales and Promotion Section Head City Tours.

Credibility developers also play a role. Nothing wrong view projects ever handled a previous developer and ask for a master plan for housing the center you seek.

Should realize, more full of amenities, the higher the perceived comfort of the occupants, the higher the increase in value of investments. This is also done since the first time the City Tour in Cibubur attend and be a pioneer in the area of ​​housing thematic concept.

Not just a dwelling that has a quality educational facilities, sports, and commercial sectors, the City Tour also known as a place of recreation for residents and surrounding Cibubur to Fantasy Island and Tourism Village.

Door of City Tours is still wide open for those who want to enjoy living in a place that combines harmony housing, education, recreation, and sport by launching the second phase of West Covina, Coatesville Extension, and the Concordia office. This latest project featuring a minimalist style that combined with the colonial and art deco design so it looks unique and chic.

Year 2012 is in sight, since now there's nothing wrong view of the right investment for your future. How?

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