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Climate Indonesia with high rainfall can damage the lining of the end of the window. Therefore, the windows need a protector in the form of additional structure to shelter or protect in order not affected by weather.

The window function room in the house to protect from sun exposure, dirty air, rainwater, and wind. However, from an aesthetic glasses, protective additional windows should also serve to beautify the overall look of the building.


This is an additional form of shade or roof that was created to prevent rain water tampias breaks into residential buildings. The length of this additional roof varies from 30 centimeters to 1 meter, depending on the dimensions of openings dinaunginya.

There are two kinds of eaves can be applied to the windows of your home. First, the eaves of the building blends with the roof structure. Eaves second, separate from the roof structure, which at first glance looks like a stick on the wall.

For his model, the shape can be varied eaves, sloping like a roof or made flat. It depends on your taste and adapted to the shape of the window.


This is the opening protective structures that are non-permanent and attached to the exterior walls of buildings. Materials often used are canvas, polyester, and other materials with water-resistant properties.

Protective option is widely used for residential concept is fun and casual. In terms of structure, awnings do not require additional structural elements that must be connected with the main roof structure. The principle works fairly practical, namely to create a connection from the wall to the frame awnings.

Typically, frame made of metal, such as hollow or aluminum. Connections in the form of bolts and screws were implanted into the wall.


Talk safety factor, a large potential window in creating a sense of security and comfort. One way to get it can be achieved by installing bars on the windows.

Trellis used are usually made of three materials, namely iron, steel and aluminum. Of the three, iron bars in greatest demand.

There are many ways to install a trellis, one of them by way of welding directly to the frame window. The model setup like this makes a very strong trellis attached. Trellis can also be fitted with a screwed in considerable numbers and are on all sides.

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