Strategy installments Homes with Small Salaries

Who does not want to have a home? Each person would have the desire to have their own home. Both are married, or who have not, or who are planning. With home values of course, privatization will be more easily obtained. You also must no longer burden for parents and other family.

For home ownership, the solution is quite easy now, of course with the Home Ownership Loan offered by banks. But often the stumbling block is the cost issue. Moreover, if your income or your salary fairly standard or small. Given the means of credit-installment process and no other installment debt. For that, for those who wish to make a mortgage with a small salary, shall have the strategy right. As described below.

Let's say your salary approximately Rp2 million per month, for some people this is no small amount of revenue. With that much income, you have the possibility to make home loans. Well, there are important steps you have to do, among them:

1. Determine the amount of house prices.
Determining how much house prices will be credited is very important. You should be able to adjust the amount of income. Because home prices to determine the amount of installments per month. It is recommended to you to take a long period of time, for example, approximately 15 years, in order to fit the size of mortgage you sanggupi.

2. Practice of saving.
Since the mortgage for the purchase of this house including installments that will be done in a relatively long time then better before making a home loan, you first do a little experiment to save regularly for Rp600 thousand
for four to five months. If successful, it means you are really ready to apply for mortgage loans.

3. Note the amount of the advance.
In addition to analysis of the ability to repay the mortgage, there is also a need to consider is the amount of the deposit which is usually also required by the bank. For that the bank asks you to pay approximately 20-30 percent of house prices to be credited. That means you need to set up the fund is also quite large for an advance payment of the purchase as a sign so the house.

4. Looking for low interest rate.
What is also important to do, is to look carefully at the proposed amount of interest each bank. Try to get the flowers are small, so as not to further incriminate you.

5. Choose a trusted bank.
Do not let your home or simply went along with proposed Home Ownership on bank loans that you did not know his credibility. Better to choose a bank that has become a bank you trust and reliable.

6. Limit the amount of installments.
Assuming, payments per month must be less than Rp600 thousand per month. This is just a rough calculation of where the limit is the maximum mortgage that you can do is 30 percent of the amount of income that you earn each month.

7. Assess the realistic home.
Look at the type of house types and a realistic, meaning that suits your needs and your abilities. Do not let this thing like a 'big pegs than the pole'.

8. Immediately pay administrative costs.
Try not to linger hang settlement administration costs Home Ownership Loan who you ask. The sooner repaid, will further ease the burden of your mortgage.

If these things can have your fill, then you already can be said to have the ability financially and mentally to start asking mortgage. Hopefully useful and can assist you in making decisions in making mortgage loans.

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